Go ROHO stands for Go Reach One. Help One.

Roho (noun) is also a Swahili word for “Heart, Spirit and Soul”.

Our vision and mission: Putting People First in Project Management, Today and Tomorrow.

We accomplish this through Servant Leadership, where helping others is our priority.

Every project can be viewed as a mountain.
You can choose to:

Go ROHO is a company that wants to help you scale your mountain.

What you do after you get to the top is all up to you.

Priscilla Bakx Kabai Fouder of GoROHO

About the Founder, Priscilla Bakx-Kabai.

Priscilla is passionate about people and projects. She has 10+ years of professional experience in Project Management and is a certified project professional.

Priscilla's biggest drive is to help others to achieve their maximum potential through servant leadership.

She accomplishes this by supporting those around her to establish meaningful encounters and collaborate with a win-win mentality. Priscilla is continuously learning and unlearning and is not afraid to admit when she is wrong or doesn’t know everything.

She accomplishes all this in a fun and down-to-earth manner, with an outward minded mindset where all people are unconditionally treated as people.

Professional Bio:

Are you looking for a partner to support you in breaking old patterns and embedding new behavior through embracing an Outward Minded approach to project management? Do reach out and contact us today!

Are You Future-Ready?

Workplaces are changing. We are experiencing a rapid growth in technology, automation and digitalization. The World Economic Forum estimates that about 75 million roles may be disrupted by machines and algorithms over the next 3 years. However, an estimated 133 million new job roles will emerge during the same period.

These significant shifts present great challenges and opportunities for Project Managers who are finding themselves more and more disengaged from the people part of Project Management.

Future Project Managers will require skills that are both digital and traditional for them to effectively respond to the ever-changing requirements set by technological advances and human expectation.

To ensure readiness for this new world, Go ROHO will partner with you to help you to upskill and / or reskill your professional resume in a way that is custom tailored to your specific needs.

When you invest in developing people first project management skills, you will realize:

Go ROHO provides just-in-time access to the type of training best suited to your learning style & needs. We enable micro and macro learning through videos, courses and books. Our learning platform is mobile friendly thus enabling on-the-go online learning. You will have 24-7 customer care support to help you resolve any issues or support requests.

“10 years from now, we will be living in a digital, automated and technical world. We need to make sure that we do not loose our humanity in the process”

Go ROHO outward minded project management

Three (3) Reasons Why You Should Choose Go ROHO.


For your Project Management Learning & Development needs: We support project managers to run projects in ways that put people first.


For facilitating Outward Mindset sessions: We support organizations to change mindsets and behaviours with sustainable results.


Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 17: We encourage and promote partnerships to address social challenges.

Do you still need some more information? Contact us today to schedule a free 60-minute complimentary intake session.

During this one-time free tele-conference call, we will discuss your specific situation and needs*.

Alternative arrangements in case of geographical and / or time-difference considerations may apply.
Go ROHO is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce id. 76825280.

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For example, if you are considering becoming PMP® or ACP® certified but you are not sure about the process, or if your organization is looking to organise a boot camp or workshop for employees.

During this session we can discuss:

  1. Your current situation, needs and wants.
  2. The value proposition from Go ROHO.
  3. Any prerequisites, resources needed to achieve your goals.
  4. What benefits you / your organisation will achieve.
  5. The application process and so much more!